High grade office building from 1 person use at the business district of Tokyo.
The service office has been custumised especially for corporate elite whose seeks office enviroment with flexibly and convenience.

Seeking office with prestages.
Looking for short term office lease.
Require furnished and appliances.

"BUREX", the high grade service office series are proudly offer various needs of an entrepreneur.

Flexible Planning
Conference Room


Serviced office series operated by Space Design Inc., BUREX and BUREX LaBo have several offices which are located in the convenient to access anywhere in Tokyo.
Please check the detail location on the map.



The common space is designed upon exquisite hotel like that level with major service office buildings.
This is the office you can proudly invite your precious clients.
Receptionist will warmly welcome and greet your clients.

  • BUREX Kyobashi image
    Area: Tokyo Station, Kyobashi
    BUREX Kyobashi
  • BUREX Toranomon image
    Area: Toranomon, Kamiyacho
    BUREX Toranomon
  • BUREX Kojimachi image
    Area: Kojimachi, Hanzomon, Akasaka
    BUREX Kojimachi

Contract Process Contract Process

  1. Building

    Please search according to your requirements at Building Search or Request Information.
    We will find the appropriate building to meet your particular needs.

  2. Apartment

    Please make a reservation to view our buildings.
    Reservations can be made by calling the Call Center.

  3. Application

    Once you decide on a location, please fill out the application form and submit the required documents.
    Applications can be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail.

  4. Review of Documents

    The submitted documents will be reviewed and the applicant will be contacted.

  5. Payment / Contract

    We will send you an invoice and ask that payment be made before you move in.
    We will process your contract.

  6. Moving in

    Once the contract is completed, we will hand over the room keys and you may move in.


We implement a simple rates in a prime location in the center of city.
We provide an office style that you can choose to match the growth of the business. Furnished rental office particular about location, designed ideally for small parties which achieves amazing cost performance.
We are honoured to assist providing comfortable and perfect office space for business startup of entrepreneurs in Tokyo.

Serviced office/Rental office

Dedicated office space, office with a shared facilities, such as residents-only lounge and conference room

  • BUREX LaBo Shimbashi image
    Area: Shimbashi, Kasumigaseki
    BUREX LaBo Shimbashi
  • BUREX FIVE image
    Area: Shimbashi ( New Open )
  • BUREX LaBo Roppongi image
    Area: Roppongi
    BUREX LaBo Roppongi
  • BUREX LaBo Akasaka image
    Area: Akasaka and Nagatacho
    BUREX LaBo Akasaka

New Service office/Rental office New Service office/Rental office

Office space with working area, conference room and meeting space.

Contract Process Contract Process

The contract method and the condition of BUREX LaBo will be different each property. For further information, please check the each property details or contact our call center on 0120-710-677.


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